New goodies coming soon in your Hosting Control Panel
Date:25.02.2008 15:31:12
Author:John Maclay
Recent modifications and improvements of our hosting platform helped us introduce new ordering tools, so you can purchase sets of services quickly, easily and securely. All existing clients will probably notice that those sections listing the orders in the Hosting Control Panel are now showing more detailed information about the purchased items. Order information includes details, such as the price, setup fee, money-back period, included VAT (if applicable), order date and status, etc. for each item. The Plan Upgrades and Domain Registration sections will be equipped soon with more user-friendly purchase options. Currently the signup form on our website will introduce such features, which will be populated to all other system modules (Control Panels). Each customer currently owns a Client ID and password for his/her account with us. This unique pair of credentials makes it easy to access your control panels easily without remembering difficult and numerous login details for each system module. For example, clients who have purchased one of our hosting plans and later registered/transferred domain names will access both Hosting Control Panel and Domain Control Panel to manage their settings. To make things easier, we have even added a shortcut in each control panel allowing you to quickly switch access between system modules, called "Switch Control Panel". It is located near the Logout link in the top right corner of your control panel. Additionally upon login, clients with multiple services are presented a welcome page which allows them to choose a control panel to start with. The Hosting Control Panel is currently prepared for multi language support and we are going to add more languages: German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. We will post updates on this matter later. Expected launch period for the Hosting Control Panel goodies is 26-29 February, 2008. Please notice that short interruptions might occur in the control panel while we upload the updates.
All prices include VAT.
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